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An apology

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I am aware that this is a very sporadic blog and I apologise for that, if it is a failing that disappoints you in any way. I should be writing something on a regular schedule, I know, to develop a readership, but I’m happy to think anyone reads these apart from me. I am currently writing two blogs for this site, and I expect I’ll publish one of them this month, hopefully sooner than later, but in the meantime, if you do enjoy reading my writing, you might enjoy some of the answers I’ve written for – – on history and politics and for some reason fame, or at least, I must have one time, as Quora continues to request answers from me on this subject, of which I know little. Algorithms, doncha luv ’em?! I answer questions that interest me, or if they make me cross. There are some troll-ish and/or silly questions there, but mainly there are some good discussions to be followed. There are usually several answers written for each question, and the comments carry on from there.

Enjoy the weekend.


  1. pshal says:

    Just spent the last 30mins or so (I know that’s not an incredibly long amount of time) reading your Quora answers….would love to know more about your relationship with this Chan guy…:)

    • He asked this question “Who was the most pathetic person?” In my first answer, which was brief, I called it a pathetically stupid question, without really explaining why I thought that i.e. the revised answer which is now there. But sometimes you get dumb questions, and sometimes it annoys me! He asked (in Caps) who am I to judge, and I suppose the only answer is no one in particular, just another person answering Quora questions. Thanks for reading them, and yes, be careful not to let that surfing wave carry on too long!!

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