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I live in South West Kerry though I remain a British citizen, and no plans to change either of those. In 1964 my parents bought a remote 19th Century farmhouse here, with thick stone walls, the interior all built with wood from a shipwreck and roofed with slates from Valentia Island. Its only perceivable drawback was that it was without utilities of any kind, but none of us has ever seen that as anything but one of its charms. My parents set it up as a holiday home, with gas stove and fridge, and candle and gaslamp light, and a water heater that was a zinc cylinder with a gas ring under it, filled from a well. The farmhouse still has no utility services though it has steadily developed in comfort (this is the 21st. Century after all). We stay there a lot, my wife and I as well as our children and their families, though usually only for a few days at a time. My wife and I rent a house on the mainland that is our main home, with electricity, running water, and a boiler. There are limits, even for romantic English folk. We hope and expect to live here for the rest of our lives.


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